Six years later, the singer announced a new album

Newshub18 :Six years later, the singer announced a new album

When was Lemonade released in 2016? Beyonc’s sixth album was critically acclaimed with widespread commercial success. After that he did not release any more albums. Her husband has worked with J-Z, released his own live albums, sung in movies. But the fans did not seem to mind at all. Beyonc finally announced her long awaited seventh studio album. He said yesterday that after six years, his new album Renaissance will be released on July 29. The singer’s website and various digital platforms have begun pre-ordering the album, according to AFP.

The singer did not say anything other than her name and release date. He always loves to surprise the fans with something new. The teaser trailer for the latest album, Lemonade, was released just a week before the album hit the market. However, according to Apple Music, Beyonc will have 16 songs in the new albumBeyonc জানান told Harper’s Bazaar magazine last year that she was working on her first new album. “After last year’s deportation and all the injustices, I think everyone is ready to run, walk, love and laugh again,” he said. I think a renaissance is coming. Either way, I want to stick with it. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
Then on June 7, the singer suddenly deleted the profile picture from social media. Even then, many fans speculated that the favorite singer’s new album was coming. After 9 days that idea came true .

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