Shots fired at Independence Day parade in the United States,7 dead

Newshub18:Shots fired at Independence Day parade in the United States,7 dead

Six people have been shot dead by gunmen during an Independence Day parade on the outskirts of Chicago. Another 24 people injured in the incident have been admitted to the hospital.
According to a BBC report, a parade was held in the town of Highland Park on the occasion of Independence Day on Monday, local time. At this time a few shots were heard. As a result, the parade was stopped 10 minutes after the start.

Police are looking for a suspect Shetang, aged 18 to 20, after the attack. He has a weapon, which police say is dangerous.
Highland Park city authorities and police said the suspected assailant attacked the parade around 10:15 a.m. Monday. It is believed that the attack was carried out from the roof of a nearby building.

At the time of the shooting, a man named Anand was less than 100 meters from the attacker. He told the BBC that the gun used by the attacker had caused a lot of gunfire in a very short time. Then the scene became silent.
Anand said gun violence was rare in Highland Park. “I felt very safe here,” he said. What has happened today is quite unusual. We are in the shelter for safety. People are crying. It’s not good at all. ‘

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“On this day, we come together to celebrate independence,” said Nancy Rottering, mayor of Highland Park, after the attack. But today we have to mourn for this tragic loss of life. ‘
City authorities, meanwhile, told Highland Park residents to stay safe. The surrounding areas have also been brought under lockdown. People have been evacuated from the beaches. The rest of the parade and fireworks have been canceled.
Earlier, in 2021, there was a gun attack in Chicago. More than 100 people were shot in the attack. 17 of them died.

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