Sheryl Sandberg bids farewell to Meta

Newshub18:Sheryl Sandberg bids farewell to Meta.

Sheryl Sandberg has announced the resignation of CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. He announced his decision to leave his 14-year-old workplace in a Facebook post on Thursday. The US media CNN reported this information in a report on Thursday.

In addition to the reduction in revenue from advertising, meta in the face of intense competition on platforms like Tiktak. In this delicate situation, Sheryl announced to leave the company.

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Sheryl Sandberg is at the forefront of technology among women. For several years, he has been featured in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Sheryl Sandberg is considered to be the most powerful officer of the Met after Mark Zuckerberg. In Sandberg’s absence, Meter will take over as current Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Javier Olivan COO, the BBC reports.

Sheryl Sandberg bids farewell to Meta
Sheryl Sandberg bids farewell to Meta

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that the share price of Sheryl Sandberg has dropped 4 percent in the stock market after the announcement of the departure of Meta.


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