Shadab Khan of Pakistan will ‘pray’ for Kohli

Newshub18:Shadab Khan of Pakistan will ‘pray’ for Kohli.

India-Pakistan will face tomorrow in Asia Cup. Indian fans will be relieved if Virat Kohli returns to the run with this high-voltage match.
Before this, Kohli became the man of the match by playing a fifty-run innings against Pakistan in the 2016 edition of the Asia Cup. He even scored a half-century in the last match between the two teams in the T20 World Cup last year. But times have changed, Kohli’s bad form is now being talked about more.

One of the best batsmen of all time has been out of form for a long time, which is uncomfortable for India. Many of the players stand by Kohli. Pakistan captain Babar Azam posted on social media a few days ago wishing him well. This time before the start of the Asia Cup, Pakistan’s vice-captain Shadab Khan stood by Kohli. This leg spinner will pray for Kohli to return to the run.

Shadab said in the press conference, “I will pray that he can return to his original form.” He’s still doing well, but has taken his standards to the point where he looks out of shape. I personally want him to score a century, but not against us. Let him do it against any other team in the tournament.

Kohli scored the last century in international cricket in November 2019. After that, more than 1000 days passed but did not see another century. This year has been a nightmare for him. In the last England tour, he scored 31 runs in two innings in the Edgbaston Test. 12 in two matches in T20 series, 33 in two matches in ODI. Kohli is no longer the fearsome cricketer as he used to be, many former cricketers feel this way as he has not been able to play big innings for a long time. But Shadab Khan does not think so. The Pakistani star has taken the opposite hand of the former.

Shadab said, ‘They (former cricketers) don’t play anymore. Maybe that’s why Kohli doesn’t scare like before. He is a legend of the game. Whenever a big cricketer comes down, there will be fear. We don’t want him to play big innings against us.

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