Scotland has again called for a referendum on independence

Newshub18:Scotland has again called for a referendum on independence.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that he will try again to hold a referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom.

He argues that if Scotland were to become separate, it could become a much more prosperous and egalitarian state.

Scotland had earlier held a referendum on independence in 2014, but the Liberals lost the referendum.

But Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party and First Minister, argues that support for Scottish independence has grown stronger since the UK withdrew from the European Union.

The SNP has been campaigning for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom for decades.

The party now hopes to have the majority in Scotland’s power and the Scottish Parliament to pass a resolution in favor of a referendum.
But in this case, they will need the support of a like-minded Green Party.

But the British government has strongly opposed the referendum, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and leaders of his Conservative party saying they see no reason why a new referendum should be held.

Although the referendum proposal was approved by the Scottish Parliament, it is almost certain that it will face legal challenges from the government in the UK Supreme Court.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon argues for independence, saying that by comparing countries that have been quite successful in Europe, the same size as Scotland, Scotland has a lot of potential to be such a successful country.

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He says the UK is in a big crisis right now, its currency is depreciating, and he doesn’t see the potential of this country outside the European Union.

In contrast, Scotland could do much better as an independent country, he said

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