Satellite connection can be tested on iPhone

Newshub18:Satellite connection can be tested on iPhoneiPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro running on the iOS 16 operating system have the facility to send emergency messages using a satellite or artificial satellite connection. But not now, we have to wait till next November to use this facility. But many iPhone users want to know whether this facility really works or not. Therefore, Apple will give an opportunity to test this facility experimentally before it is launched. For this, ‘Satellite Connection Demo’ facility will be added in iOS 16.1 version. Apple says that as it is experimental, messages can only be sent from the iPhone to the satellite, not to the recipient.

20 Security Flaws Discovered in Chrome Browser

20 security vulnerabilities have been found in older versions of the Chrome browser. Exploiting these flaws, hackers could carry out cyber attacks and collect user information. Therefore, Google released the new version of the browser ‘Chrome 106.0.5249.61’ by quickly solving the security flaws. They requested to use the fast version to be safe. Google said five of the security risks were serious. Eight are of medium quality. These flaws could have posed a major threat to users. Therefore, security researchers have been awarded $38,000 for identifying the flaws

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