‘Russian salad’ at NATO conference cafe

Newshub18 :’Russian salad’ at NATO conference cafe.

Humor has been created about the inclusion of ‘Russian salad’ on the menu of cafes at the NATO summit in the Spanish capital, Madrid. News Reuters.
The summit of the Western military alliance NATO began on Tuesday on the outskirts of Madrid. The three-day conference will end on Thursday. The conference will take important decisions in the context of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Officials and journalists were waiting for the arrival of US President Joe Biden and other leaders at the conference venue yesterday. At this point they see ‘Russian salad’ on the menu of the conference venue cafe.

The presence of ‘Russian salad’ on the menu of the Spanish caf surprised everyone present. Humor is also created with this.Journalist Inaki Lopez told Spanish media La Sexta, ‘Russian salad at the NATO summit? I was a little surprised to see this food on the menu. ‘

The cafe’s menu is created by the famous Spanish chef Jose Andres. The ‘Russian salad’ on the cafe’s menu is said to have sold out in just a few hours.Russia could be identified as a security threat in the military alliance’s new strategic concept at the ongoing NATO summit in the wake of the attack on Ukraine.

Finland and Sweden began the process of becoming members of NATO out of security concerns after the Russian invasion. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said alliance leaders would formally invite Finland and Sweden to join NATO on Wednesday

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