Russia responsible for rising fuel prices: Germany

Newshub18 :Russia responsible for rising fuel prices: German

Germany has blamed Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom for cutting supplies sharply and pushing up fuel prices. According to the BBC.

Gas is supplied from Russia to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline. Grazprom reports that supplies for the Nord Stream pipeline have been cut.

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However, rejecting Gazprom’s claim, German Finance Minister Robert Haben said it was not a technical issue. This decision has been taken politically.
According to a BBC report on Thursday, the German finance minister said “this is definitely a strategy to destabilize the fuel market and increase its prices.”

Gazprom announced on Tuesday that it would reduce its daily gas supply from the Nordstream 1 pipeline from 168 million to 100 million cubic meters. The next day, on Wednesday, it was announced that 68 million cubic meters of gas would be supplied through the Nordstream pipeline every day.

Not only in Germany, but also in Italy. Gazprom announced on Wednesday that it would reduce daily gas supplies to Italy by about 15 percent. Like Germany, Italy is heavily dependent on Russian gas. The country imports 40 percent of its gas from Russia. Many Western nations, including the United States, have imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine war. Two weeks ago, European Union leaders agreed to ban most oil imports from Russia by the end of this year. In response, Russia cut off gas supplies, the BBC reported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that “non-friendly countries” pay Russian rubles for buying Russian fuel. But Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands refused to comply with Moscow’s terms. Russia has cut off gas supplies to these countries without complying with the conditions

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