Rishi Sunak ahead Now to selecting a successor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Newshub18 :Rishi Sunak ahead Now to selecting a successor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The process of selecting a successor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has begun. Conservative party MPs have begun voting in the country’s parliament for the preliminary election on Wednesday at 1.30pm local time (7.30pm Bangladesh time). Eight candidates took part in it. Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak got the highest number of votes in the night results.

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According to the BBC, Rishi Sunak of Indian descent got 6 votes. Commerce Minister Penny Mordent and Foreign Minister Liz Truss came in second and third, respectively, with 50 votes. However, former Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and current Finance Minister Nadeem Jahabi were left out of the race with less than 30 votes.
Others who survived the preliminary selection were MP Tom Tugendhat, former minister Kemi Bedench and Attorney General Suela Brewerman. Earlier, two candidates of Pakistani descent, former health minister Sajid Javid and the prime minister’s special envoy for religious freedom Rehman Chishti, were left out as their party did not get the support of at least 20 MPs before the preliminary selection.

Now there will be another round of voting on Thursday with the six surviving candidates. In this way, two contenders will be brought down by the end of next week. Later, 160,000 members of the Conservative Party will vote to choose who will be the next Prime Minister and party leader. The entire process may take several weeks to complete. Boris Johnson will be the Prime Minister until then.

In the face of unprecedented pressure, on July 6, Boris Johnson announced his resignation as party chief. He has been criticized for partying in defiance of Corona’s rule and for failing to bring the country out of economic misery. Meanwhile, the UK’s opposition Labor Party is set to table a motion of no confidence in Parliament against Boris Johnson’s government. If the government loses the election, it will open the way for a general election in the country.

Who is this sage Sunak

He is a popular figure in Britain’s ruling Conservative Party. The team has a good reputation as a leader of the younger generation. Descendant of Narayan Murthy of Indian descent and one of the founders of Infosys. His name is mentioned in the same breath as Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Twitter’s Parag Agarwal, IMF First Deputy MD Geeta Gopinath, among others of successful Indian origin abroad. He is sage Sunak. Boris Johnson’s resignation following his resignation as British Chancellor of the Exchequer. The most talked about name in British politics at the moment. But who is this sage Sunak. How British politics rose to the top. Find out the history of Sage Sunak of Indian descent.

Education Life-

Sage of Indian descent was born on 12 May 1970 in Southampton, UK. He studied political science at Winchester College in the United Kingdom. He then enrolled at Oxford University, where he studied philosophy and economics. He was a Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University, from where he did his MBA.


Rishi Sunak worked with Goldman Sachs after graduation and later became a partner at the hedge fund firm. Before entering politics, Rishi founded a billion pound global investment company. The company was instrumental in investing in small businesses in Britain. Before entering politics, Rishi founded a billion pound global investment company. The company was instrumental in investing in small businesses in Britain.

family life-

Not much is known about Rishi Sunak’s family life. As far as is known, Sunak’s ancestors migrated from Punjab to East Africa long ago. Later he went to Britain and started living there. It is very likely that he ran from one continent to another in search of livelihood. In personal life, Rishi married Akshta, daughter of Narayanamurthy and Sudhamurthy in 2009. Sunak’s father was a doctor by profession. And his mother is a pharmacist. And his father-in-law Narayanamurthy is the founder of information technology company Infosys.

political life-

In his political career, Rishi Sunak became an MP for the first time from Richmond constituency in Yorkshire in 2015. He served as Minister of State for Local Government when Theresa May was Prime Minister. His importance increased after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Then directly in charge of the Finance Minister. Currently Rishi Sunak is a popular face in the British Conservative Party as well as the Finance Minister. As a leader of the young generation, he has considerable acceptance among the common people. He was also sent by Boris Johnson for TV-radio interviews as the official spokesperson. As a result, he is a well-known face even among the British mango crowd. He was also one of the confidants of the Prime Minister. In February 2020, Rishi was appointed Chancellor of the Treasury, the first full-fledged cabinet post. He was also referred to as the “next prime minister” on the Conservative Party’s website.

Rishi Sunak’s name is also involved in the debate.

Rishi Sunak’s name is involved in the controversy due to his wife’s disability. His wife Akshta Murthy’s stake in the Indian information technology company Infosys and the income derived from it were alleged to have been evading UK tax. Akshta was recently identified as ‘non-domiciled’ in the UK tax system. This title is given to those who are not permanent citizens of Britain. He does not have to pay tax in Britain on the income he earns from abroad. The opposition alleged that Akshata has 0.91% stake in Infosys. Which is worth 69 crore pounds (about 6830 crore rupees). 1.16 crore pounds will be received as dividend for that share. But because of the ‘non-domiciled’ status he does not have to pay any tax in Britain. Where a British citizen would have to pay 38.1% dividend tax.

Currently, after the resignation of Boris Johnson, there is a possibility of a major change in British politics. There is a strong possibility of Rishi Sunak’s political career and rise to the top. Time will tell whether the responsibility of the British Empire passes into the hands of any Indian descent

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