Republicans are angry because the FBI searched Trump’s house

Newshub18: Republicans are angry because the FBI searched Trump’s house.

he top leaders of the Republicans in the Congress have strongly criticized the incident of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) search of the Florida residence of former US President Donald Trump. The FBI raided Trump’s residence last Monday to investigate the management of official documents. Republican leaders have demanded the intervention of President Joe Biden in the investigation of this incident. Many have also called for the removal of Attorney General Merrick Garland for abuse of power.

Congressional Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned that a commission of inquiry could be formed after the midterm elections. And for this, McCarthy threatened Attorney General Merrick Garland. He told Merrick Garland to count the days to prepare the papers. Kevin McCarthy also said that the use of the Department of Justice as a weapon of politics has reached intolerable levels.

Republicans reportedly briefly discussed the FBI’s investigation during a conference call on Tuesday. Top Republicans there have made it clear they will ask the Department of Justice to respond to the probe. Congress is scheduled to hold a pre-scheduled debate on the Anti-Inflation Act next Friday.

The former Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, blamed the incident on Merrick Garland. In a tweet, Pence said, “I express the deep concern of millions of Americans about the unprecedented search of Donald Trump’s private residence. Mike Pence said, yesterday’s action will undermine public confidence in our justice system.” Attorney General Garland must answer to the American people why this action was taken. It must be done immediately. Meanwhile, many Republicans have blamed the Attorney General as well as the Democrats. National committee chairperson Rona McDaniel has asked Joe Biden to take over the investigation of the incident.

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