Ranaghat primary teacher’s ‘Dostji’ shines in world court, wins 7 international awards

Newshub18:Ranaghat primary teacher’s ‘Dostji’ shines in world court, wins 7 international aawards.

The movie ‘Dostji’, made on the story of two children in the 90s, won seven international awards. The movie made by Tuhin Biswas, a resident of Ranaghat in Nadia, has already premiered in 26 countries except India. ‘Dostji’ is going to be released in India on November 11. This movie has already got a great response in the cinema.

A primary school teacher by profession, Tuhin’s passion is still photography. Along with traditional studies, he has done a diploma in photography. Along with teaching, he met the director Prasoon Chatterjee by taking pictures with a camera. Talk there. Then such a big decision. According to sources, about 2 crore rupees have been spent in making the film. Initially, money came through cloud finding but stopped midway. Again investors are found and then the rest of the film is done. The entire film is one hour and fifty one minutes long. The shooting of the film started in early 2018. The work was completed at the end of that year. Murshidabad is also shooting for 60 consecutive days. Basically the image of village Bengal has been portrayed in this movie.

Tuhin’s film has already been screened at film festivals in several countries. This picture of Tuhin has been shown in many other countries including Britain, Sweden, Japan. This film even won the UNESCO CIFEJ Award in 2022. It has won seven international awards. There are only four main characters in the film. None of whom are famous actresses. The whole team of Tuhin along with the crew of the film is naturally happy after getting multiple successes. Talking about the film, Tuhin said, “We started making the film by doing crowdfunding with some friends. There later many other investors stood by us. All the work was finally completed in 2021. The film was first screened at the BFI Film Festival in London. There is a world premiere. The movie was then shown in a total of 26 countries including Malaysia, Germany. Received 7 international awards.

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