Pyongyang: Corona spreads after touching foreign objects on South Korean border

Newshub18 :Pyongyang: Corona spreads after touching foreign objects on South Korean border.

The North Korean government says it has spread corona in their country because it has touched some “foreign objects” near the South Korean border. North Korea says it has released an investigation report into the Corona outbreak. The results of the investigation were presented in state media today, Friday, local time. News Reuters.
Pyongyang has advised people to be careful.

It has been instructed to deal with any foreign object or balloon in the border area in the air or in any other weather condition.In early April, an 18-year-old soldier and a five-year-old kindergarten student came in contact with an unidentified object on a hill next to an army barracks and residential area in eastern Kumgang County, state media KCNA reported. Then the symptoms of corona appear in their body. On examination, it is known that they are corona positive.

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Individuals and human rights activists who have fled North Korea to South Korea have been sending leaflets and humanitarian aid in balloons across the border. Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s government banned such activities in 2020, citing security concerns along the border. But human rights activists claim it is an attempt to silence critics.

KCNA announced on Friday that the investigation report found that in mid-April, a few people coming from the Ifo-ri area of ​​Kangwon Province to the capital city had a fever. People who came in contact with them were found to be constantly suffering from fever.
As of mid-April, those in North Korea who had contracted the fever had other illnesses, the media said. However, the details were not mentioned.From the beginning, North Korea has been enforcing strict sanctions to prevent the Corona epidemic. However, a state of emergency was declared in the country last May when the corona outbreak began.

In July 2020, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared a state of emergency and a three-week lockdown in the town of Kaysong on the intercontinental border. He made the announcement after a man who left the country for South Korea in 2016 returned home with corona symptoms.

North Korea says the country’s Corona wave is receding. However, experts suspect that the Corona situation is being under-represented in the government-controlled media.
North Korea said on Friday that 4,580 new cases had been reported in the country.
Since the end of last April, the number of people with fever has risen to 47.40 million. Pyongyang presents the number of patients with fever every day. However, due to the lack of corona test kits, they do not specifically refer to these patients as having covid

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