PSG has shown greed to pay 11 times more to Vinicius

Newshub18 :PSG has shown greed to pay 11 times more to Vinicius

Then both sides did the tug of war. The transfer market was heated with the possibility of PSG’s Killian Mbappe moving to Real Madrid. After five years, many attempts have ended in failure. PSG has retained Mbappe for another three years with skyrocketing salaries and bonuses.

Newshub18 :PSG has shown greed to pay 11 times more to Vinicius.

Not only did they keep their players at bay, the French club offered a hefty salary to take Vinicius Jr. from Real Madrid. Real tried once in 2013. Mbappe then chose the Monaco Academy. He left Monaco in 2016 and chose PSG. Mbappe himself has been spreading the message that he has been joining Real for a year. In an interview, he said that he has left the club to go to Real Madrid.

Then in the pages of his autobiographical comics he expressed his love for Real MadridMbappe renewed his contract at the last minute. For this, PSG has lost a lot of money. As a bonus for renewing the contract or received 300 million euros (16 million in conversions). There are two kinds of talk about salary.

Some say Mbappe is getting 100 million Euros. Some people, however, drag it to a tolerable level and say 50 million Euros. With that, Mbappe has claimed the right to keep all his copyright to himself. At the last moment, before PSG made such a crazy proposal, it seemed that Mbappe was going to Real. On the other hand, PSG was taking counter measures after seeing the current best player leave the hands.

They wanted to bring in Vinicius Jr. instead of Mbappe. The club has long been interested in the Brazilian winger. Although he could not prove himself at Real until last season, the French club were interested in him. They even agreed to sell Mbabane to Real if they agreed to pay Vinicius the other way around.

However, Real president Florentino Perez did not agree to sell Vinicius, who was bought at the age of 18 for 45 million euros. He has been rewarded this season. This time Vinicius contributed 42 goals. He also scored the winning goal in the Champions League final. Real has started renewing his contract at the end of the season. So far in the news, Real wanted to sign a contract until 2026.

However, Vinicius requested that the time be further reduced. So there are rumors that the contract will be renewed till 2026 or maximum 2027. However, Marca says that the PSG’s attempt could have stopped Vinicius’ journey to Real Madrid in 2023. In the first half of the season, Vinicius has seen a change. The Brazilian winger surprised everyone by scoring one goal after another and Vinicius was contacted by PSG. It was suggested that if Real offered to renew the contract, Vinicius would return it.

And in that case he could go to PSG for free at the end of next season. PSG has been making this effort since last November-December. The figure behind such a proposal is also very large. Neymar was the highest paid PSG player last season. The Brazilian star’s salary is more than 48 million euros. Messi’s annual salary is 45 million euros. And there were three of them in Mbappe, this time he has surpassed both of them.

Marker reporter Mario Cartagana says Vinicius was offered a salary of 40 million euros a year, with the opportunity to invest in Qatar. That being said, PSG continued to try for Vinicius until last March. Vinicius has promised that the Brazilian winger will be paid a hefty sum for the signing bonus if he signs for a club in Paris. However, Marca did not disclose the amount of signing bonus. Vinicius could have agreed to such a proposal if he wanted. Because, even if he broke the record of changing the teams of teenage footballers to get him, Real would pay very little.

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Vinicius receives a salary of 3.5 million euros a year. He was followed by another Brazilian, Rodrigo, a year younger than Real, who received 6 million euros. In other words, PSG offered to pay Vinicius 11 times more than the current contract. Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t get paid that much at Manchester UnitedBut Vinicius is keeping an eye on his career, not money at the moment. The new contract with Real, he is satisfied with a salary of one million euros per year. Four times the salary raised by PSG

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