Protests in Calcutta and clashes in Howrah in protest of insult to Prophet

Newshub18,sk jahangir ali :Protests in Calcutta and clashes in Howrah in protest of insult to Prophet.

Protests continue in various Indian states over the BJP leaders’ insults against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Large scale protests also took place in Kolkata, West Bengal on Friday at the Satmatha intersection of Park Circus.

In Kolkata, not only the Park Circus, but also the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), an organization of the All India Muslim community, staged protests in at least two other places. One is at Khidirpur in West Kolkata and the other is at Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road in Central Kolkata.

No clashes were reported from three places in Kolkata.
However, police clashed with protesters in Dhulagarh, Howrah district. Protesters hurled stones at police and set fire to car tires. The police had to use batons to bring the situation under control.

The largest gathering was at the Park Circus, where many spoke on behalf of the protesters. All the speakers said that in view of the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in India, the insult to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was due to the continuous provocative behavior of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of India.

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One speaker said that the way in which provocative propaganda and rhetoric is on the rise in India is creating panic among Muslims. They are suffering from insecurity due to this panic and the ruling party will have to take responsibility if there is a major conflict in the future.

Witnesses said at least 20,000 people attended the rally. The rally caused massive traffic jams across central Kolkata.
Speakers at the Park Circus rally also said that it has become impossible for the Muslim community to demonstrate peacefully in India today. A case has been filed against at least a thousand people in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly mocking the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Apart from this, many speakers spoke on one issue at the rally. That is the Hindutva politics of the secular parties in India. ‘Secular parties in India pose a greater danger. Because, when the Muslim society is in danger, they are not opening their mouths. Their fear is that the Hindu vote will go against them. But as a result, they will lose both Hindu and Muslim votes in the future, ”said a speaker named Mohammad Ashraf

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