Protests across the United States over the abolition of abortion laws

Newshub18 :Protests across the United States over the abolition of abortion laws.

The United States Supreme Court has overturned a nearly five-decade-old law granting abortion rights. Protests erupted for the second day in a row over abortion rights across the United States last Saturday. Last Friday, the conservative majority Supreme Court ruled on a 6-3 majority. By repealing the national law, the order said, states can now legislate by allowing or prohibiting abortion at their own discretion. Shortly afterwards, several conservative states quickly enacted the law.

Thousands of people took to the streets outside Washington’s Supreme Court on Saturday in hot weather. They joined the protest with banners reading ‘Fight against women, who’s next?’ And ‘No uterus, no opinion’. “What happened is indescribable and disgusting,” said Mia Stagner, 19″No woman should be forced to be a mother,” she added.

Protesters are also gathering in various cities across the United States. There have been protests in Los Angeles for the second day in a row. At least eight states have imposed immediate bans on abortion since the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling. Lawsuits could be filed in several other states next week. However, US allies have criticized the law. Many fear that the conservative majority Supreme Court may now look at rights such as same-sex marriage and contraception.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden spoke out against the decision last Saturday. “I know for a fact that the decision was painful and devastating for many Americans,” he saidBiden has called on Congress to restore abortion protection as a federal law and promised to keep the issue in mind during next November’s midterm elections.

US President Joe Biden and his administration are also emphasizing the availability of abortion drugs following a court ruling that revoked women’s legal right to abortion. Conservative groups in several states may take steps to ban the use of abortion drugs.
In a televised address to the nation on Friday, Biden said, “I will do everything in my power to protect the rights of women who will be affected by today’s court decision.”

More than half of all abortions in the United States occur through the use of abortion drugs. Women can have an abortion by taking this drug without any risk up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.
Eleven states in the United States have strongly demanded the abolition of abortion. Most of these states are Republican-led. Other states are expected to follow suit

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