Pretend to be a sleeping horse to cheat at work

Newshub18 :Pretend to be a sleeping horse to cheat at work

No matter how many ways people choose to cheat at work. So what’s wrong with animals? As a horse named ‘Sugar’ is doing. A man named Jim Rose posted a picture of the horse lying down on Twitter. He writes, Sugar pretends to sleep lying on the ground if he does not want to work. News from NDTV.

Jim Rose tweeted that the horse was lying on the grass with its legs spread, as if in a deep sleep. In that post, Jim writes, ‘Get to know Sugar. He doesn’t like to put anyone on his back. If someone comes up to Sugar, he pretends to be asleep. He doesn’t open his eyes until he leaves. ‘

The horse’s nationality could not be ascertained. However, Jim Rose’s Twitter profile states that he lives in the United States and France.
Jim Rose’s post received a huge response after being shared on Twitter. There are more than 4 lakh 8 thousand likes in it. Retweeted 41,000 times. Twitter users say they are being encouraged to cheat on sugar.

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One commented on the tweet, “Sugar is an inspiration to me for cheating at work.” Another said, “Honestly, this horse is me.” If the same trick worked in my office! I don’t want anything to be forced. ‘Meanwhile, a Twitter user was shocked to see Sugar lying down. Thought the horse was dead. Because he had never seen horses lying down. The man wrote, “I thought horses would not sleep until they died.”

However, many people said in the comment box of that tweet that the horse often lies down to sleep. Animal expert Susan Hazel confirmed this in a report in the New York Post. According to him, a horse is usually seen lying down during deep sleep

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