Poverty and despair blamed for Texas lorry deaths: Mexican president

Newshub18 :Poverty and despair blamed for Texas lorry deaths: Mexican president.

At least 50 bodies have been recovered from an abandoned lorry in the US state of Texas. Immigrants are driven to death by poverty and despair. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made the remarks yesterday.The Mexican president has blamed trafficking and a lack of proper control at the border for the deaths of immigrants. This is the worst case of immigrant death due to trafficking in the United States.

The BBC reported that the dead included about two dozen Mexicans, seven Guatemalan and two Honduran nationals. Those found alive, including four children, were taken to hospital.Survivors fainted from the extreme heat. They are suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion. At least two Mexican nationals are being treated for dehydration at a hospital, Mexican authorities say. Consular officials are working to confirm their identities. Authorities are working to ensure the nationality of the victims.
U.S. authorities say three people have been taken into custody on suspicion of trafficking.

The Mexican president called it a “tragic incident” and said Mexico would work to bring back the remains of its citizens.Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard says Mexico is starting an investigation. A team is being sent to Texas to assist in the investigation.
According to the BBC, the lorry was found next to a railway line in the south-west of the city of San Antonio. The city is located 250 kilometers from the United States-Mexico border. The city is now in summer. Local time on Monday, the temperature reached 49.4 degrees

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