Pet dog burning house

Newshub18 :Pet dog burning house.

The news of breaking the furniture of pet house is old. But what happened in Missouri, USA, is a bit new. A dog has set fire to the kitchen, according to UPI media reports. The video of this incident has spread in the internet world.

The fire broke out in the Reese Lake area of ​​Parkville, Missouri. It is understood that the house has been severely damaged due to the fire given by the dog, according to the activities of the fire service department.

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The Kansas City Fire Service Department and the Fire Protection District at Southern Plate worked to put out the blaze after the blaze. Two dogs were rescued from the house. There was no one else in the house at the time of the fire. CCTV footage of the house’s kitchen showed the dog looking for something in the kitchen.

Then the dog puts two legs on the stove. The stove ignited. When the dog stepped off the stove, the fire was burning. In another part of the video, the dog is seen wandering around the house. And smoke is coming out of the stove. After a while, the stove exploded.

Investigators said there was food on the stove. The food was burnt first as the stove was burnt. The fire spread about eight minutes after burning.
Firefighters said the two dogs were not harmed in the blaze

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