People lost their horses by running 36 kilometers

Newshub18 :People lost their horses by running 36 kilometers.

Ricky Lightfoot became the first to run 36 km in a row. But not in any ordinary race. In that competition held last Saturday in Wales, UK, Ricky had to run behind people as well as 50 horses.

According to a BBC report, this exceptional competition started in Wales in 1970. So far only three people have been first in this competition with Ricky. The rest of the time the title went to the horse.

Ricky is from Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He had a long way to go in Wales. I had to stay awake for 29 hours straight. After this disturbance, I had to go down to the competition field again.

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Ricky already has a running experience. However, he did not realize at first that he was the first to compete in Wales. Because the way people and horses run is different. Later, by asking the people around him, he realized that Joy had come to his house leaving behind 1,000 people and 50 horses in the competition.

It took Ricky 2 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds to run the whole way. He received 4 lakh rupees (3,500 pounds) as a prize.Earlier, the first horse in the Wales competition was defeated in 2004. The same thing happened again in 2006. However, this competition has not been held in the last two years due to Corona.

Asked what it feels like to lose a horse, Ricky, 36, said: “Well, losing a horse in a race is a big thing. I called my partner. I said, I have lost the horse. He was surprised and said, “Are you kidding me?”

However, the firefighter said he was already confident of victory. “I knew I would do well to run against the horses,” he said. In his words, Ricky easily won that competition on Saturday

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