Penis boiled tree!

Newshub18:Penis boiled tree!

viral Video of the penis plant. After that video went viral, Cambodia became a country. Because that strange flower is not going to be saved from the hands of women. That flower has caught everyone’s eye for its strange structure.

This type of flower is commonly found in Cambodia. This type of flower is found in the highlands of Western Cambodia. But, there is a lot of fuss about this flower, because it looks like a penis. The video of the flower has gone viral on social media.

Penis boiled tree!
Penis boiled tree!

Since then, the Cambodian government has been in great danger. The government of that country is thinking of issuing new rules to protect that special kind of flower from the hands of women.

The video that went viral on social media has been shared on YouTube. The video was shared from a YouTube profile called SCHUT THE WANDERER’S. There are flowers that look like the penis.

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There is a lot of noise about that flower which looks similar to the genitals of a man. It is known that the girls in Cambodia are picking the flowers. As a result, the number of those flowers is gradually decreasing.

The flower was found on a tree called Cambodian Nepenthis holdenii in Bokor Mountain, Cambodia. The Cambodian government has urged women not to leave such flowers. At the same time, it has been said that if the flower is torn, it may face severe punishment. Generally, such flowers are not commonly seen.

As soon as the video of that flower went viral, many people started flocking there to watch it. Women are gathering the most crowd. As a result, the Cambodian government has requested that such flowers not be picked.

If anyone touches that penis plant, appropriate action may be taken against himThe Cambodian government has said that such flowers are poisonous and could cause danger at any time.

But, disobeying the government, many are removing that penis plant. It also shows that women are gathering from foreign countries. Meanwhile, his video spread on social media. Netizens are also shocked to see the strange shaped flowers. Take a look at the video of that flower

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