Pedri is going to be ‘Iniesta’

Newshub18 :Pedri is going to be ‘Iniesta’

When Las Palmas played, he was called the ‘new Iniesta’. The club in which Iniesta became a star did not hesitate to get Pedri. Pedri is now an integral part of Barcelona’s midfield. The way he handled the midfield with Busquets and De Young, I think, how experienced he is!
However, the 19-year-old midfielder did not forget to mention that he regularly follows Iniesta in his subconscious mind. Even Barcelona coach Xavi once said that watching Pedri’s game reminded him of his one-time teammate Iniesta.

Whether Iniesta can touch on achievement or show magic on a regular football field like Iniesta remains to be seen. But from next season, Pedri is going to take a step that will make him equal to Iniesta in at least one case. He is going to wear Iniesta’s famous number 7 jersey.

Iniesta wore the number 7 jersey in Barcelona’s golden age. Xavier 6, Iniesta 6, Messi 10, Puyol 5 beside players as well as their jersey numbers became famous in Barca. This time, Pedri is wearing his ‘Idol’ Iniesta number 7 jersey. The news was reported by the Catalan media Sport.

According to Sport, Pedri himself has worn the number 6 jersey with Barcelona. Legendary defender Dani Alvez played after this jersey last season. At the end of the six-month contract, Alvez has ended the Barcelona-Chapter for the second time. As a result, the number 7 jersey has become empty, waiting for the next player. And Pedri is going to take that opportunity. Earlier, he used to wear the number 16 jersey.
Not only Iniesta, but also Bulgarian striker Risto Stichkov became famous in Barcelona after this jersey. Apart from Alvez, the jersey has been worn by Bosnian midfielder Miralem Pianic and Brazilian midfielder Arthur Mello

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