Pakistani citizens protest against terrorism on Pakistani soil

Newshub18:Pakistani citizens protest against terrorism on Pakistani soil.For the past few decades, Pakistan has been criticized on the international stage for terrorism. This time not only on the international stage. The common people of that country roared about terrorism. The current government of Pakistan in the face of public anger of Pakistani citizens. Protesters march against terrorism in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Two organizations called Swat Olasi Pasun and Swat Qaumi Jirga have called for this protest. The protesters demanded that Shahbaz Sharif’s government take any action to prevent terrorism in Pakistan. They also warned that otherwise they will take to the streets with guns to suppress the militants.

The Pakistan government and the Pakistani army have been cut off in this incident. It should be noted that the Pakistan government is eager to get legitimacy on the Kashmir issue on the international stage. According to experts, this is a major setback in gaining that legitimacy. Meanwhile, recently the US ambassador went to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and termed it as ‘Azad Kashmir’. However, India protested this designation of the US ambassador. Earlier, the US allocated huge amount of money for the maintenance of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets in the name of fighting terrorism. In this climate, Islamabad was in trouble as the citizens of Pakistan rose up against terrorism.

Incidentally, terrorist activities have recently increased in Swat. Militants have been living in Swat since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Recently, many Pakistani citizens have been seen protesting against this. Recently, 42 terrorist attacks took place in the country in the month of September. In this situation America has recently banned its citizens from going to Pakistan. The US State Department has said in this new guideline, “Think twice before traveling to Pakistan.” The guideline states that there may be terrorist attacks in Pakistan’s army camps, airports, universities, tourist centers, government offices, schools, etc

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