Pakistan is floating in floods, 650,000 pregnant women are spending their days in worry

Newshub18:Pakistan is floating in floods, 650,000 pregnant women are spending their days in worry.

Neighboring country Pakistan is facing a dire situation due to climate change. Several provinces of Pakistan are flooded. Mainly Balochistan and Sindh provinces are flooded. Climate change has led to record rainfall. One third of Pakistan has been washed away. About 3.3 crore people were affected by the floods there. Many people are homeless. 1569 people died. This country has not faced such a terrible situation in the last few decades. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he had never seen the effects of climate change before. In this situation, Pakistan is looking to several countries including India for help. Meanwhile, Pakistan is already burdened with debt up to its neck. The economic condition of the country is not very good.

Due to this unprecedented flood, this country is facing more challenges. As the roads and infrastructure of the country have been damaged by this flood, the residents are also deprived of medical facilities. Pregnant women are the most affected by this flood. They are not getting any proper treatment in this physical condition. According to a report published by the United Nations, about 73 thousand women can give birth this month. They definitely need proper treatment.

Child delivery also requires skilled helpers. In addition to this, care for the newborn will be required. But the report of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFA) mentions that about 650,000 women are pregnant in the flood-affected areas. They need health services to ensure a safe pregnancy and unimpeded delivery. But due to the flood, all the services have stopped there for the time being. Many people have left their homes in Pakistan and taken shelter in relief camps. There, the treatment is far away and ordinary citizens are unable to collect two handfuls of food.

Meanwhile, many women have given birth during this time. They have to go through this situation without any health services. They said that he does not have enough food and clean drinking water to meet his nutritional needs. According to the World Health Organization, as many as 1,460 services have been affected in Pakistan. Important services like medical services have been crippled. UNFPA has also warned that gender-based violence is likely to increase during this period as the floods have affected around 1 million houses

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