Painting with typewriter

Newshub18 :Painting with typewriter.

When other artists draw using pencils, pens or paints, James Cook is typing. He literally drew pictures by typing. He created these paintings using different colors and symbols written on a typewriter machine instead of brush strokes or pencil or pen pulls.

The British artist is 25 years old, according to AFP. He lives in London. His studio is also in London. James Cook’s studio has been described in AFP news. That said, there are only typewriters and typewriters around where James Cook sits and works. His studio is equipped with various types of typewriter machines.
James Cook started making paintings with this typewriter machine in 2014. At that time he was studying in college. At the time, he was associated with an artist who had been painting with this typewriter since the 1920s. Originally inspired by him, James Cook tended to create works of art in this way.

AFP has published pictures of several works by James Cook. According to the news agency, he is making portraits of famous people starting from Hollywood star Tom Hanks by typing on typewriters. And he has already received a lot of response by making such paintings.
Jemon Cook thought at first that it was not possible to draw in this way. Then he tried for a while. James Cook said he started this practice out of curiosity. Since 2014, he has gradually mastered the process of drawing using this typewriter.

James Cook also talks about his own painting experience. He said at first his idea was that it would be easier to sketch a building with a typewriter. Because, the line can be drawn easily with typewriter. But then he also started drawing human faces. James Cook said, ‘Before I used a typewriter, I couldn’t draw people’s faces. Honestly, I can draw as well as I can with a pencil, now I can draw better with a typewriter. ‘
James Cook did not want to take up drawing with a typewriter as a career. But now he is getting a lot of encouragement to make this painting. Many are going to James Cook with their own typewriter machine.

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