On the day of Dominica’s conquest, Domingo received little

Newshub18 :On the day of Dominica’s conquest, Domingo received little.

There was a little argument between Charles and Sydney John. Both of them say that in 2009 they watched two Bangladesh-West Indies ODIs at Windsor Park. The point of contention is who watched the two matches. Kember claims he was in charge of the scorer. He pointed to the wooden scoreboard on the side of the hill and said, ‘I was behind it. My job was to set the number. ‘
Sydney said, “No, no, we’re in the gallery.” He is in that place. ‘Kemba is still adamant in his demand. The argument stopped as the game was about to start. Both of them are in charge of the scorer of the press box! Or the left-arm spinner of the Dominica national team. And Sydney once played cricket, but now he is playing basketball.

Although there is disagreement between Kemba and Sydney about who watched the two matches in 2009, they both agree that it is not cricket, but Dominica. A domestic T-10 tournament was held at Windsor Cricket Park earlier this month. Last year was first class cricket. But the people of the island have not seen international cricket since Maria’s debut in 2016. Five years later, with two T20s against Bangladesh, the Mayavara country of nature got it back.

Dominica had no shortage of arrangements to welcome the occasion. During the innings-break, there was a traditional dance on the field, the food shops outside the field were crowded with the joy of returning to cricket. Visitor attendance at the gallery was not bad either. An hour after the announcement of the game’s abandonment, while I was writing this in the press box of Windsor Park, the music was still playing on the loudspeakers. As if giving the ‘auto’ key, there is no one to stop! The press conference of Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo at the end of the match had to be done by entering a closed room below the dressing room.

As the time was running out, the Bangladesh coach seemed to be dissatisfied with the abruptly abandoned match. Just as the batting of the team did not fill his mind, the coach also sees the rationale behind such batting, ‘We had a good start. But then we could not play good cricket. But they have come a long way; Kal (parashu) could not practice on him. All in all it was a bit of a mess. And today (yesterday) it was quite hot. I believe they will do well in the next match. ‘

Domingo, however, did not use any of the ferries, the heat, the inability to practice as an excuse for not batting well, saying, “There is nothing to excuse. The same thing happened with the West Indies team. They also could not practice the day before the match, they came on the same ferry with us. ‘

“Some of our boys have not been in the game for several weeks,” said Domingo. Afif, Mahmudullah — they did not get a chance to practice well. Mahmudullah, I think his last match was played in South Africa. ‘

The match started at 3.15 pm as it was wet around the wicket in the rain. The match was therefore decided to play 18 overs first. Later, in another rain, the length of the match was reduced by 2 overs to 14 overs. In the end, Bangladesh team could not bat in those 14 overs. When it rained again at the end of 13 overs, match referee Richie Richardson declared the match abandoned. In these 13 overs, Shakib Al Hasan’s 29 off 15 balls and Nurul Hasan’s 25 off 18 balls were the magnet part of Bangladesh’s 105-run innings for 8 wickets.

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However, Domingo is dissatisfied with their batting, saying, “They batted well. However, Shakib was out at the wrong time. We needed a big score from him. Sohan (Nurul Hasan) is also good in this version. He is a big hitter, a strong batsman. But he also got out by mistake. It’s a day for him to learn. It’s good to see that he is in good form. ‘
That’s probably what Domingo got from the abandoned match. But the Dominicans got a lot out of this match. The return of international cricket to the island of Cyclone-Hurricane, which is bigger than who won or lost the game. It is like a victory for them against the enmity of nature.

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