On Sunday, Nusrat’s yellow hair, earrings and open hair caught the attention of the MP

Newshub18:On Sunday, Nusrat’s yellow hair, earrings and open hair caught the attention of the MP.Controversy surrounds him. Still unwilling to pay attention to trolls. She is Basirhat MP actress Nusrat Jahan. He shared a bunch of photos from the archive on Sunday. The MP dipped in yellow. Companion lehenga, open hair and earrings. The fans are bursting with praise. They are excited about the actress’s picture. Many people say, “Members of Parliament did well on their holidays”!

Two days ago, Nusrat opened his mouth about the trolls about him. He said, no matter what, people will sneer. Everyone should remember what he is doing, he is doing right. Nusrat has always lived his life on his own terms.

Nusrat became a mother just before Puja last year. He surprised by sharing his son’s picture during the puja. In one frame, he saw Yash and Ishaan doing various exercises. But more than that, the vermilion mark on Nusrat’s head became a matter of practice. The question is whether he and Yash got married. Over the years, however, that controversy has also died down. This time, he celebrated at Jamia during Puja, accompanied by Yash. Vermilion was on the head.

A few days ago, Nusrat had to face trolls. A netizen asked him, “Why did you marry a non-Muslim even though you are a Muslim?” Without avoiding the answer, Nusrat wrote back, “What world do you live in? Are you human at all”? Nusrat also had to face sarcasm about religion. While in a ‘marital’ relationship with Nikhil Jain, her going to the Rajya Sabha after Shankha-Sindur was much talked about. At that time Nusrat said, “I am God’s own child”. ‘Illegitimate’ marriage with Nikhil, child with Yash – all in all, she has been discussed many times. Yet Nusrat spoke of positivity. He said, he wants to move ahead regardless of trolling.

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