Nupur Sharma’s negative remarks, first protest in peace procession in West Bengal

Newshub18 :Nupur Sharma’s negative remarks, first protest in peace procession in West Bengal

Protests are going on across the country over Nupur Sharma’s remarks about the  Prophet Muhammad. Apart from condemnation and demonstration processions, pictures of unrest can also be seen.But this time the peace procession was organized in an exceptional way by an organization called Jamalpur Citizen Welfare Society in East Burdwan district of West Bengal. Today they are protesting through a silent and peace procession from Halara junction to Jamalpur bus stand.

People from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and tribal communities also took part in the procession. Bharatmata was at the beginning of the procession. There are processions with different types of tablo. It is seen that a Hindu Brahmin is giving blood to a Muslim brother. Hindu temples, Muslim mosques, Christian churches and Sikh gurdwaras, people of different religions associated with each symbol join the procession.

Joining the procession were Mehmood Khan, President of Janakalyan Society, Bhootnath Malik, Treasurer, Mahendra Singh Shalvi of Sikhism, their religious leader, Imam Jalaluddin Saheb of Muslims, Amit Chakraborty, Priest of Hindus and Father Alex of Christians, Tarak Tudu on behalf of tribals. Only patriotic songs are played in this procession without slogans.

And the purpose of the procession was being told to Mike in a very slow voice. Mehmood Khan said that violence should never be used in the name of protest. The law will punish Nupur Sharma for the wrong she has done. He strongly condemned the statementHe said that no Hindu man supports his statement. So he organized this silent procession and peace procession in protest.

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He said the people of Jamalpur are very tolerant. So it is not so easy to destroy communal harmony here. Today, people of all religions joined hands in this procession and proved it. He thanked people from all communities. At the end of the procession a path meeting was held. Various religious leaders spoke there and each of them thanked the Janakalyan Society for the procession. Today’s procession will undoubtedly make the state and the country think differently

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