Nupur Sharma: The video of the brutality of the police has moved world

Newshub18, India :Nupur Sharma: The video of the brutality of the police has moved world.

Millions of people have watched a video online of Indian police beating a group of Muslim men in their custody. The video was shared by an elected representative of the ruling BJP, who praised the brutality of the police, saying the beating was in fact a “gift” to these people.

No action has been taken against the officers involved in the incident so far. The families of the victims say their loved ones are innocent and should be released.

“It’s my brother, they beat him so badly, he was screaming in pain,” Zeba broke down in tears. The hand on which he was watching this horrific video of his younger brother Saif being killed on a mobile phone was shaking.

“I can’t look at this scene. He’s been hit so hard,” he said. Relatives were trying to comfort him at his home in the northern Indian city of Saharanpur. The disturbing video shows some Indian police trying to kill some Muslim men held captive by them, including Zeba’s brother.

The video also shows police officers beating the men with rods, swinging the rods like baseball bats. Every time such a rod house falls on someone, his voice is heard, then screams are heard.

“It hurts a lot, it hurts a lot … and don’t die,” said some people, leaning against the wall in a corner in panic.

But still, as the beatings continue, a man in a green T-shirt is seen clasping his hands in prayer. And Saif, wearing a white shirt, is seen raising both hands, as if surrendering.

Saif, 24, was one of dozens of Muslim men detained by police last week.

Thousands of people gathered in Saharanpur after Friday prayers at a mosque in Saharanpur after protests erupted after the ruling Hindu nationalist party BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma made some provocative remarks about the Prophet of Islam.

The BJP, however, later fired Nupur Sharma in the face of strong protests from Muslim countries, saying they were against insulting any religion.

The protest in Saharanpur was relatively peaceful, with people marching out of the mosque in front of the city’s shops.

As tensions rose, however, some shops owned by the majority Hindus were attacked, and two merchants were slightly injured. Police used batons to disperse the crowd.

Police documents allege that Saif and 30 other people rioted, incited violence, deliberately injured a government employee, and endangered his life.

Saif’s family somehow made a living by selling cardboard. They say Saif is innocent, he was not even present at the protest.

They said Saif left home around 5pm local time on Friday to buy a bus ticket for a friend. The police then arrested him and took him to Kotwali police station in Saharanpur.

When Zeba went to see him at the police station, he saw signs of injuries on his brother’s body: “His body turned blue from the pain of the beating, and he could not sit up properly.”

The video, which clearly shows police brutality, was shared online by Shalav Tripathi, an elected BJP MP. At the bottom of the video, he wrote in the caption: “A return gift for the rebels.” The video went viral online.

Mr. Tripathi is one of India’s most powerful politicians and a former media adviser to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The incident happened in this province.

The BJP has not yet condemned the incident, nor has the BJP government.

Human rights groups say the environment in India has become increasingly intolerant since the BJP came to power in 2014. Hate speech targeting the country’s Muslim minority is on the rise, with attacks targeting them on the rise.

The BBC has so far taken testimony from half a dozen Muslim families who say their relatives were beaten in police custody at Kotwali police station after their arrest in Saharanpur last Friday.

They also identified those close to them in the video, which showed police resorting to violence. Other footage shows the men being taken away in a van. The signboard of Kotwali police station is clearly visible in this scene.

The police report also mentions Kotwali police station. But despite this, local police earlier this week denied that anything like that had happened there.

No such incident has taken place in Saharanpur. Two or three videos are circulating on social media. If you watch a video in slow motion – you’ll see the name of another district there, “Akash Tomar, a senior police officer, told the BBC.

However, Mr. Tomar later said he was trying to verify the authenticity of the video, and would take action if needed.

The families of others seen in the video said they were detained when their loved ones went to the police station for more information.

Fahmida’s 19-year-old son Subhan went to the police station to see what happened after his friend Asif was arrested. After going there, Subhan was also arrested and beaten.

The video shows Subhan, dressed in light yellow, lying on the ground, with police beating him with a stick. The family says Subhan did not even go to the main mosque last Friday, only to take part in the protest.

“My son has been brutally beaten,” Fahmida cried.

Authorities say they have arrested 64 people in connection with the violence during Friday’s protests.

Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar told the BBC that only criminals had been arrested.

“When we arrest someone, we first show them footage of them taking part in any violent protests, then they are only arrested,” he said.

However, the details we have heard from the families of some of the people who have been arrested do not match his words.

While these incidents are happening at the police station, the law enforcement on the other side of the city is showing differently – half of the house of two Muslim men has been demolished by bulldozers. Allegedly, the two were involved in inciting violence.

Millions of people in India live in paved houses that are built without proper planning approval from the authorities. But the BJP has now resorted to using this issue as a pretext for punishment.

The order to demolish the illegally constructed houses of the people who took part in the recent protests has received approval from the highest level.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath tweeted that bulldozers would continue to work against alleged violators. And Mrityunjay Kumar, his media adviser, posted a picture of a bulldozer, implicitly pointing to the Muslims who prayed on Friday. Underneath: “There’s Saturday after Friday but!”

Then last Saturday afternoon a bulldozer came to Muskan’s house, and started breaking down the front gate of the house.
Police arrived with a picture of his brother, and asked if he lived in the house. The 18-year-old boy was taken into police custody the night before.

“My father confirmed that the picture was of his son, and asked if anything had happened,” Muskan said. “They didn’t answer. Suddenly they started bulldozing.”

Authorities have charged the young man with inciting violence on Friday. An official showed the BBC a video in which they said the boy was seen provoking the crowd.

The picture shows the boy addressing the crowd, “Muslims in this country are asleep. History has shown that whenever Muslims wake up, they wake up in anger.”

Muskan denied all allegations against his brother: “He is not a boy who will do anything destructive, he is not a boy who can break something …These are all lies. ”

Officials say the families of those arrested have been given notice that their homes have been built without proper approval.

“When we conducted the investigation, we found that his family was living in a relative’s house, which was built without permission,” Rajesh Kumar, a senior police officer, told the BBC.

“Municipal authorities have inspected the houses under tight police security and action has been taken,” he said. Kumar. He warned that the homes of more people arrested would be bulldozed.

“Those who have been arrested and sent to jail will be bulldozed if anything illegal is found out about them,” he said.

Navneet Sehgal, an adviser to Yogi Adityanath, said that what is being done with bulldozers is being done in accordance with the law and “everything is being done according to the rules … nothing against the law is being done here.”

A bulldozer in front of the partially demolished house of Muskan and his 18-year-old brother

But a group of India’s top legal experts, including former judges and prominent lawyers, have filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking redressal against the latest incidents of police beatings and misuse of bulldozers.

In their letter, they complained, Mr. Adityanath is helping the police to “brutally and illegally crack down on protesters”. “These latest incidents are shaking the conscience of the nation,” they added.

“The way in which such brutal repression of the ruling class is destroying the rule of law is unacceptableIt is a mockery of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution and the state, “they said.

Human rights group Amnesty International has also accused the Indian government of seeking to suppress any dissent.

“The Indian government is selectively and violently cracking down on those Muslims who are protesting against them and peacefully expressing their dissent.”
Amr Amnesty International’s Indian board chief Akar Patel said in a statement: “The use of excessive force to suppress protesters, detain them without trial and demolish homes as punishment – these are in line with India’s commitment to uphold international human rights law and norms.Violation. “ in Saharanpur, Munni Begum is also having a hard time waiting for the news of her son and husband. He also alleged that the two were beaten by the police.

He does not know when they will return, and when they will return, whether there will be any more houses for them to stay in.

“My innocent son and husband are now in prison. I live alone with my daughters in this newly built house.”

“I’m worried about what would happen if they bulldozed our house. I can’t sleep at night.

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