India, China and Pakistan in the race to increase nuclear weapons! Find out how much power the car ha

Newshub18, desk:India, China and Pakistan in the race to increase nuclear weapons! Find out how much power the car ha

Asia has been a hotbed of tension for the past decade. Besides, the animosity between India and Pakistan is well known here. The two countries have already clashed several times. Also, China’s expansionist policy has led to war with different countries at different times. India, China and Pakistan are considered to be one of the major nuclear powers in Asia. .At the same time, the three countries are constantly expanding their nuclear power in a race to prove themselves. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has recently released a report in this regard, which is quite surprising. Let’s take a look at exactly what is in the report.

India has 180 weapons:
The Stockholm-based SIPRI claimed in a report released on Monday that India, China and Pakistan had significantly increased their nuclear arsenals from 2021 to 2022. The report further states that as of January 2021, India had 157 nuclear weapons, which has now increased to 160. On the other hand, the agency said that Pakistan had about 160 nuclear weapons in January 2021, up from 175 in January 2022.

China is the most advanced of the three countries:
China, meanwhile, has emerged as one of the three leading nations in the nuclear arms race. In this context, the report says, China is constantly increasing its nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, a satellite image was released a few days ago. According to him, China has increased its nuclear power to about 350. It is pertinent to note that China constantly urges its neighbors to go to war. Even after the occupation of Tibet, the eyes of that country are now on Taiwan. Meanwhile, China has long-standing tensions with Taiwan. In the current situation between the two countries, there is a risk of war.

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