Not in the field, rice cultivation is in the tray, in the backyard! How is that possible? get to know

Newshub18:Not in the field, rice cultivation is in the tray, in the backyard! How is that possible? get to know.Farmers are interested in making rice seedlings in plastic or polythene trays in a special way. This cost-effective method is practically a heaven in the hands of farmers today. Farmers can grow rice seedlings in the backyard, roof or any open space. It also requires less water as well as less cost.

So the farmers of Shosya Gola East Burdwan district are giving more priority to making paddy seedlings in trays. In Vatar block, farmers of Gulsi two, Burdwan one block have shown interest in this cultivation. However, in other places also, the officials of the agriculture department have taken initiative for the farmers to plant seedlings in trays. Seedling formation in these trays is mainly observed during Amon season. Officials of the Agriculture Department said that efforts are being made to popularize this method during Boro season as well.

“Farmers can grow paddy seedlings in these trays around their homes,” said Shuvendu Hazra, joint director of the agriculture department and the farmAs a result, they benefit from various aspects. As it takes up less space, so does the cost. Also this method requires less manpower. After planting the seedlings, the farmers can plant the seedlings with the help of planting machines or they can also be planted by hand. Planting with trans planter or machine does not require any human labor.

As a result, most of the farmers use this machine. But even if one does planting with human labour, it has been seen that the cost of labor is reduced by about 40 percent.” He further said, “At present, many people are using buses or wooden racks instead of arranging the trays on a flat surface. Seedlings become ready for planting in 18 to 20 days depending on the variety. However, if it is more than 25 days, it is necessary to give chemical fertilizers.” Regarding how the farmers are trained in this tray system, Subhendu Babu said, when it started in 2019, the farmers were trainedNow if any farmer wants to use tray method then he can contact block office.

There are officials in each block office of the district who will provide necessary information to the farmers.Dinesh Chandra Sen, a local farmer said, “I am making saplings in the backyard during Aman seasonHe is getting more profit by making seedlings in trays. The cost is much less than what is usually incurred by growing seedlings in trays. There are about 400 trays, out of which 200 trays have been provided by the Agriculture Department. Generally, when one bigha of land is plowed, some people put six kilograms of paddy on the land, some seven and some eight kilograms. But in this method only two kg of paddy has to be given in the tray. And in this tray method, it takes four people to row rice. But generally six to seven people are required for paddy rowa. As a result, there are benefits from all sides.

“Now let’s find out how to make rice seedlings using the tray method

Seedling trays are available in the market, in that tray, half the amount of organic fertilizer and half the amount of soil should be added. Trays are typically two feet long and one foot wide. Then the rice seeds should be spread, 80 to 120 grams of seeds can be given. This amount is determined according to caste. Now the rice seeds should be sprinkled with soil again. Trays should be placed in a row. After that water should be pressed on the tray. Remember that water should be light.

The straws should be soaked again the next day. The straw should be removed after 36 hours to 48 hours. You can see the light green yellow rice seedlings. Then water should be given as per quantity. If it rains, the growth of the seeds will be better, if not, the growth will be less. If it rains, the seeds will germinate in 12 to 14 days, otherwise it will take about 16 days. After that, if you want, you can sow paddy using a machine, that is, with a transformer machine, otherwise you can sow it. Make mud and sprinkle water on the ground. If you want, you can cry for a day after making the mud

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