Ninja ‘technique’ on the island of legends

Newshub18 :Ninja ‘technique’ on the island of legends.

One hundred and one reasons to avoid him have been discovered in Antigua since these three days. If you get in his car, that car will stop step by step. As many people in the whole of Antigua, everyone seems to know him! Whoever you see on the road, slow down the car, shake hands, give a soft horn. Giving this gentle horn is like saying ‘hello’ here.

Even then, while traveling around Antigua, I came across a ninja taxi driver in his sixties who, when asked for his name, said, ‘My name is Ninja-e, Ninja Taxi. Everyone in Antigua knows me by this one name. You call, I will (you call, I’ll take you). ‘

At the Antigua VC Bird International Airport, the first meeting with a 6-foot-tall, slender body ‘ninja’ took place. I will take a taxi to come to the hotel, grabbed Ninja from the taxi counter. The next day I will leave the hotel and go to Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. I said at the hotel reception I need a taxi. They told someone on the phone. After a while I saw a ninja appear in front of the gate.

The last time I decided to take a taxi to the field, I decided to go to the field by myself. This time again, the ninja came and stopped his microbus beside me and blew a soft horn, ninja ‘technique’ which means ‘hello’.

On the way to and from work, the taxi driver repeatedly stands on the road and says ‘hello’, ‘hello’ to people, which can be annoying. However, there are many benefits to riding in a ninja car. He will tell you in one breath where the little Antigua is. And if you come here to cover cricket for a short time, Ninja can become a big name.

The biggest gain of the last three days has been in the ninja taxi, the day after yesterday the ninja took me to Viv Richards’ first home in the Upper Gamblers area of ​​Antigua on the way to the field. The first house is the first house bought with one’s own income. Tin shed yellow one storey building on the side of the road. The houses here are like that, with lots of open space in front and behind.

Designing a bat at the gate of the house. In the circle on either side of the bat are two English letters, ‘V’ and ‘R’ — Viv Richards.
Ambrose is giving commentary. Roberts’ main passion is to go to sea with a fishing boat, but he is also a curator by profession. He is the curator of the Coolidge cricket ground where the Bangladesh team practiced before the start of the series. Roberts is also coming to Sir Vivian Richards Stadium to watch the test. But Richie Richardson and Viv Richards are like stars in the distant sky! Ninja said that if you come to Viv Cricket Ground on Sunday, a weekly holiday, you can come. Otherwise, he now spends more time playing golf.

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The Ninja, who has memorized the current state of the Antigua cricket legend, also played cricket once. His son also played club cricket. But despite being Viv Richards’ ‘cousin’ (everyone’s cousin here), Ninjar has no regrets about not having a big cricketer from his family. Everyone knows him, this is the ninja’s only place of satisfaction, ‘they (Antigua cricket legends) all know me. And no one knows Antigua better than I do. I’m a ninja — you call, I’m a hole. ‘

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