Neymar or Vinicius? Who is the best in the eyes of Brazil coach

Newshub18 :Neymar or Vinicius? Who is the best in the eyes of Brazil coach.

The world has known Neymar since 2009. Neymar’s brilliance for Santos was so great at the time that many Brazilians flocked to see the 18-year-old winger in Brazil’s World Cup squad. But the then Brazil coach Dunga did not pay attention to those weak emotions, he arranged the team with experienced players.

Although he did not get a chance in the 2010 World Cup, he did get a chance in the next two World Cups. It would be wrong to say that he only got the chance, he has matured his position as the main player of Brazil. Didn’t gain. Brazil’s regrets for the sixth World Cup did not come at all. Neymar could not make Brazil happy with the victory of the world. Forgetting all the previous failures on the stage of the World Cup, Neymar is going to Qatar this time, hoping to make Brazil the world champion. Brazil is also hoping to win the World Cup by riding another Neymar.

But an interview given by Neymar a few months ago has aroused hesitation. The question is whether Neymar is ready to handle the pressure of Brazil winning the World Cup. Neymar said in an interview last October that he was tired of playing football. This World Cup may be his last World Cup. How can a person who is so frustrated with football now win an adorable hexa for Brazil?

However, he is not thinking about those things. The Brazilian coach emphasized the importance of what Neymar said and said, “You have to look at the time when Neymar said that. We need to keep in mind when Neymar gave this interview (presumably, the interview was published last October, but Neymar gave it a few months ago, most likely after the Copa Am farica final or after his exit from the Champions League semifinals). If I had been asked these things after leaving the cup competition, I too would have been in trouble at that time. Maybe I should have said something like that. ‘

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In the eyes of Titus, Neymar is still the main star of Brazil. However, he also believes that Vinicius Jr. could soon become Brazil’s main star, “Neymar Neymar. His comparison and himself. He is our biggest star. But the difference is that now even the brightness of the biggest star seems a little dim because the surrounding stars are also shining quite well. Vinicius is one such star. Neymar’s superiority is that he himself understands this matter and helps these youngsters to improve all the time. Neymar has become more and more with time.

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