New Yorkers Uncomfortable at the sound of the helicopter

Newshub18 :New Yorkers Uncomfortable at the sound of the helicopter.

The New Yorkers had some relief from the horrors of the Corona epidemic, as well as a sense of relief. Because, there was no sound of helicopter whirling over the head.

As soon as people return to normal life after overcoming the Corona epidemic, that old problem has returned to their lives.”My apartment was shaken when a big helicopter took off,” said Melissa Elstein, who called for a halt to the non-essential chopper flight.

The 56-year-old man told AFP that the helicopters polluted the air. Noise pollution, which has a detrimental effect on our health.Helicopters regularly hover over the skies of New York. Because, many tourists choose expensive air travel to see the sights of the city in a short time. In addition, many rich people in New York often board this helicopter to avoid traffic jams.

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Helicopters leaving New Jersey, however, were allowed to sightseeing over Manhattan, including Central Park. Commuter flights departing from New York City have also been allowed to fly directly over the building.”It’s an industry that shouldn’t exist,” Elstein said. This industry is for the benefit of a few people. ‘Although some New Yorkers have become accustomed to the word.

They have taken it for granted to live in America’s busy commercial, cultural and tourist capital.Mark Roberts, a resident of southern Manhattan, lives next to the helipad. To him, the sound of a helicopter is like a background noise. It seems to him to be part of an experience

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