New feature on Instagram to compete with TickTock

Newshub18 :New feature on Instagram to compete with TickTock.

In order to compete with TickTock, Instagram has increased the time it takes to create videos on its Reels feature. With the launch of this new feature, up to 90 seconds of video can be captured through Instagram reels.

Not only this, with the help of audio files you can use your favorite reels. For so many days, there was an opportunity to make videos up to 60 seconds through the reels feature.

In a blog post about this, Instagram said that the video recording time has been increased to give more time to the reels. This will allow them to better communicate their preferences to others.

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Instagram has recently launched another new feature called Amber Alert. With this, if any child is lost, a warning can be sent to the Instagram users and members of the law enforcement agencies in the specified area with pictures and descriptions of the child. Initially, the facility has been launched in 25 countries, including the United States.

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