New discovery by UK researchers in cancer treatment

Newshub18 :New discovery by UK researchers in cancer treatment.

Doctors have discovered a new treatment method that is useful in preventing the spread of the disease in cancer patients whose immune-based treatment does not work.
Using the immune system to treat cancer is called immunotherapy. When methods like surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy fail, immunotherapy is used to save patients’ lives. In this method, the patient’s immune system is used to destroy the cancer cells. However, immunotherapy also does not work in many patients. Even after using this method, sometimes many people’s tumors can get bigger.

In such a situation, UK experts have claimed to discover another new treatment method. They hope that those who cannot be treated with the existing methods, those who are waiting for death without getting an alternative, this treatment will give them the opportunity to live longer. News from The Guardian.UK cancer experts say they have discovered a new treatment combining immunotherapy and the experimental drug guadecitabine.

A combination of the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab and the DNA hemethylating agent guadecitabine was experimentally given to some cancer patients. Phase I trials halted the spread of cancer in more than one-third of patients. The results of the new study were published in the journal Immunotherapy of Cancer.

Experts from the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust say the combination of the two approaches could prove effective as a new weapon against a variety of cancers.The trial was carried out on patients with lung, breast, prostate and bowel cancer being treated at the Royal Marsden and University College London hospitals.

Related researcher Professor Johann de Bono said, ‘The most important thing in this experiment is that we used different methods to change the immune system. It has been shown that the mixed treatment method is more effective.
De Bono is Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research and Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Royal Marsden. “Our hope is that with testing in other patients and confirming the effectiveness of this approach in future studies, immunotherapy using guadecitabine and pembrolizumab can be made effective in the treatment of many types of cancer,” he added.

34 cancer patients were treated with a combination of pembrolizumab and guadecitabine. Patients were injected with guadecitabine for four consecutive days every three weeks for three years. And pembrolizumab is given on the first day of these.
Pembrolizumab has already shown success in treating lung and skin cancers. However, tumors can sometimes become resistant to this drug. It has been observed in the case of some patients, with this treatment, they get efficacy at first but later get sick.

Dr. the main researcher of the new study. Anna Minchum said immunotherapy has shown great efficacy in the treatment of cancer over the past decade. However, it has not worked well in treating all cancers. Some cancers are resistant to these drugs. However, if immunotherapy does not work in the treatment of these cancers, this new integrated method can be used.

Related doctors, researchers and scientists hope that it will be possible to deal with guadecitabine, which is the resistance of cancer against drugs.
Alison Sowden, 61, from Dorset, was diagnosed with lung cancer four years ago. He was told to live for one year. But after that he was given pembrolizumab for three years. Now he is cancer free. He is also happy with the news of the combination treatment.
Alison Sowden told the Guardian: ‘I know my cancer can come back and the treatment may not work. So I was reassured to hear that research efforts are underway to treat cancers resistant to immunotherapy. I hope that this integrated treatment will gradually be introduced in hospitals and that patients who cannot take pembrolizumab will benefit

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