Negative marking in the primary test? Know various details including syllabus

Newshub18:Negative marking in the primary test? Know various details including syllabus.Recently, West Bengal Board of Primary Education has released a notification for the recruitment of primary teachers. The application process has also started from October 14. After five years in the state, the Tate recruitment notification has been published. As a result candidates between 18 to 40 years are rushing to apply. Meanwhile, due to some technical reasons, many candidates are still unable to submit their application forms. Even then, the record application form was submitted in one day. 1 thousand 500 candidates submitted the application form on the first day of application. But those who are yet to submit the application form need not worry. The application form can be submitted till November 3.

Meanwhile, thousands of applications have already been submitted. The exam date has also been announced. Tet next December 11. But for that, preparation is also necessary. The Syllabus of this exam (Primary TET Syllabus) and some topics that may be asked are discussed. First of all it is necessary to know how many marks this exam takes. And how many marks out of the total marks will the candidate be considered eligible for this job? The answer to the first question is that total 150 marks can be TET. Those who get 60 percent marks will be considered qualified. That is, they must get 90 out of 150. But this number is slightly less for reserved candidates.

There are questions from any subject? As per the previous TET exam, total 5 subjects will be covered in this TET. Bengali, English, Mathematics, Child Development and Environment. There can be 30 questions from each subject. 150 questions of 1 number can appear. The biggest news for the candidates is that there is no negative marking in this exam.

Bengali: In Bengali grammar, sounds and letters, word changes, gender, verbs, men, verb tenses, sentences, conjunctions, purpose and clauses, phonetic antonyms, antonyms, meaning test, intersection, factor, division, summation can come.

English: Article, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjectives, Tense, Vocabulary, Prepositions, Vocabulary, Comprehension will be in the exam.

Numerology: Numerology, L.Sa.Gu-G.Sa.Exam questions may come from: Ratio, Average, Proportion, Mixture, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Simplification, Square Root and Cube Root,

Child Development: Questions can come from a range of topics, including basic principles of child development, socialization processes, language and thought, gender and gender inequality.

Ecology: This may include questions from multiple topics including definition and classification of environment, ecosystems, flora, fauna, biodiversity, environmental movement, environmental issues, conservation laws, waste management

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