Nato chiefs caught in Russian spy’s sex appeal, Putin’s ‘honeytrap’, break heart after heart

Newshub18:Nato chiefs caught in Russian spy’s sex appeal, Putin’s ‘honeytrap’, break heart after heart.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has used a ‘honeytrap’ to gather information about the military operations of NATO, the US and its allies. He sent a young woman as a spy to NATO’s top military leaders. The young woman’s sexual appeal was frowned upon by NATO leaders one after another. Recently, the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, the German newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ and the investigative websites ‘Bellingcat’ and ‘The Insider’ – these four media outlets have revealed such startling information. It is learned that the young woman came close to NATO officials posing as a high-end jewelry dealer. But, his real purpose was to collect information from Russian spies on NATO.

Four media outlets investigated this young woman for ten months. According to the investigation, the young woman called herself Maria Adela Kuhfelt Rivera. He lived in Naples, Italy for about ten years. During that time he befriended, and sometimes romantically involved, commanders and members of NATO and the US Sixth Fleet. But, her real name was Olga Kolobova. He was a spy for the Russian GRU military.
How did he become close to NATO forces and US military leaders? According to the investigation, Kolobova was a member of the Lions Club of Napoli Monte Nuovo. It was a social club located near the city’s naval base. The club was very popular with military personnel. The club was frequented by NATO military commanders. And there Rivera aka Kolobova used to make sexual appeals. He said he was born in Peru, his father was German. He is a high-end jeweler by profession. It is full of sexual appeal. On top of that he was rich and had command of several languages. As a result, NATO leaders were easily swayed. In several cases, he even paid for their membership in the club to keep them in close contact.
The investigation revealed that Kolobova used those contacts to gather information about NATO operations in Iraq, Kosovo and North Africa. A NATO official also admitted to investigators that he had a brief romantic relationship with Kolobova. But he was not the only one, and investigators believe he developed romantic and friendly relationships with many other NATO chiefs during his 10-year tenure in Italy. In 2020, an attempt was made to kill British double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia by using nerve gas in Salisbury. It is known that Kolobova suddenly disappeared from Naples at that time. He told friends that he was very ill and was going to Moscow for treatment. He has not been seen since.
Former Cosmopolitan editor Marcel D’Argy Smith was a close friend of Kolobova. He said, “She was very beautiful, but did not present herself that way. I don’t think other women liked him. Because, they understood that he (Kolobova) can become a thorn in the path of their relationship. She had many male friends. But not one seemed worthy of him. She was so attractive and her male companions so ordinary looking, that I never understood why she stayed with them.”

During Kolobova’s stay in Naples, Colonel Shelia Bryant was the Inspector General of US Naval Forces in Europe and Africa. After reading the investigation report, he said, he always had doubts about Kolobova. Because, the source of his huge money was unknown. He had a shop. Despite not earning much, he always rented houses in the most elite areas of the city. However, he was so seasoned in charisma that no force had investigated him so far. Her story has reminded many of Mata Hari. France accused the Dutch dancer of being employed as a spy by Germany during World War I. Behind him was a line of broken-hearted high-ranking military officers. The French court, however, finally sentenced him to death

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