Nargis Fakhri is leaving Bollywood

Newshub18:Nargis Fakhri started working in Bollywood in 2011 with a romantic movie in the hands of Ranbir Kapoor. Nargis’ performance came to the notice of the audience through the first movie. This is how Bollywood started its journey. This time actress Nargis Fakhri is leaving Bollywood.He told various Indian media outlets that he had made the decision out of frustration.Although he has acted in several movies, he has not been able to cement his place in Bollywood. She has opened her mouth more than once about that struggle to become an actress. This time Nargis said that she wants to take a break from acting.Many questions and debates arose after his decision. This time he told himself the reason for leaving Bollywood. “I have been working in Bollywood for 11 consecutive years,” he said. But what is the benefit of working so hard if the family and myself can not give time? So for now I have decided to remove myself from Bollywood.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I may not get a job,” he said. Returning to this world of cinema can also be a problem. Even after that, I am happy with my decision. Because now at least you don’t have to run rats with Bollywood stars. But even after leaving Bollywood, the love for acting that has always been there will remain intact. That’s why I may come back to acting in the future.


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