Nabadwip’s red curd is attractive in terms of taste, it is still the best in the world even today!

Newshub18:Nabadwip’s red curd is attractive in terms of taste, it is still the best in the world even today!

There was a time when Bengali aristocracy was ruined if ‘shespate dai’ did not fall. Therefore, in today’s ice cream and cold drinks market, sweet yogurt can be said to hide its face with a little pride. Although its name is omitted from the menu card of Bhojbari, sweet curd still reigns supreme in the lives of Bengalis. A Bengali does not walk a single step without the sweet curd of the clay pot, from Pujo Parban to Shraddhanushan. And when there is so much practice with curd, the name of Nabadwip sandalwood milk curd will not be in the title, will it happen again? The color-smell-taste that not only the Bengali nation but also the people of the world has been satisfying for a long time. Even the British Queen Elizabeth II was mesmerized by the sweetness of this curd. Today, however, let’s collect the story with that special guest of sweet Mahal of Nabadwip.


The year of birth of red curd in Nabadwip is approximately 1930. However, if we look at the history, we can see that there is a difference of opinion about the inventor of this curd. Some say it was invented by Kali Ghosh and his brother Hari Ghosh, who were traders of Lal Ghol in Phansitala. After getting a lot of popularity in the red curd business, they made red curd and put it on everyone’s shelves. According to many, the then famous Kali Moira ie Kalipada Modak was the first to introduce everyone to this curd.


No matter who makes it, the process of preparing this tempting dessert is not that difficult. First, the white thick milk of cow or buffalo should be boiled on low heat. But the fuel for making red curd has a special touch. The milk has to be reddened by burning wood for the first 7 hours. After the amount of red milk is about one third, it is poured into earthen vessels of different sizes and mixed with chat. This time, instead of wood, the flame of coal is placed in the furnace. The clowns are arranged around the fire and left for the whole night. After that, the sight of the red curd is seen when the daylight breaks. Because this curd cannot be cut without a knife, it is also known as ‘Chakku Dai’. Ramakrishna Ghosh, Panchugopal Das, Utpal Ghosh, Rajkumar Ghosh, this curd took the language of people once. Therefore, following the ancient method shown by them, red sweet curd is still made in Navadwip. But despite being so famous, there is still a pressing problem of not getting GI in the holy land of Nabadwip.

This Navadwipa, the birth place of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, is the pasturage of Lord Krishna forever. Even if Tagore does not accept the deity, this Navadwip is full of many people from the country and abroad. And don’t be a fan of Kheer Daiya when you set foot in that land. Even today, the fame of this yogurt is world wide. This khiradi, smeared with blood sandalwood without any artificial color, is the basis of a tradition among Bengali sweet families today

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