Mourners flock to the streets of London

Newshub18:Mourners flock to the streets of London.Crowds erupted outside Buckingham Palace after news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death broke. Earlier in central London, people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. They are seen standing on the road in mourning and singing the national anthem in unison.

BBC newsBuckingham Palace said Thursday afternoon that the Queen was under the care of doctors. It was then that speculations began about his health. Because of this, before the news of her death was announced, ordinary people came to lay flowers at the gates of Buckingham Palace to pray for the Queen’s recovery. Palace flags were flown at half-mast after the Queen’s death was announced. At this time, hundreds of people were seen mourning in the square outside the Palace. Many rushed to pay their respects to the queen who had been in power for a long time.

One of them is Sheela Billaigu (77). A shadow of grief covered his eyes. He said, I feel very sad that everyone is here. I didn’t know the Queen was dead until I saw the flag.
When asked about Rani, he said in one word ‘faithful’. Sheela also said that she was an extraordinary queen. We will all miss him very muchLike Sheila, a young man named Michael Hammond learns of the queen’s death after seeing the flag at half-mast. He said, “I am completely disappointed. I thought he reflected the British spirit.’

Meanwhile, around 50 London cab drivers parked rows of black cabs on the main road leading to Buckingham Palace to pay respect to Queen Elizabeth II. On hearing the news of Rani’s death on Thursday evening, many drivers started parking their carsQueen Elizabeth II has been suffering from various physical complications for several days. He was having trouble walking and standing. He died on Thursday afternoon while staying at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Buckingham Palace announced. Hearing the news of the death, common people came outside the castle to pay their respects to the queen with flowers

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