More than three hundred secret documents were seized from Trump’s house

Newshub18: More than three hundred secret documents were seized from Trump’s house.

More than 300 important and secret government documents have been seized after searching the Florida home of former US President Donald Trump. Among the seized documents are national security-related documents from the country’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the FBI. On Monday local time local time, the American newspaper New York Times gave these information in a report about several sources connected with the search of Trump’s house.

Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, has been searched several times recently. According to the New York Times, more than 150 classified documents were initially seized from Trump’s home in January this year. These are documents of the National Archives of the United States. Then last June, several secret documents of the US Department of Justice were seized from there. And lastly, at the beginning of this month, members of the FBI searched and seized the remaining secret documents from Trump’s house.

Neither the representative of the United States Department of Justice nor Trump’s representative had any comment on this matter. Meanwhile, the former US president has filed a case in connection with the search of Trump’s Florida home and the seizure of files. He applied to the court to order the closure of the judicial department’s investigation on those documents. The case was filed in a court in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday.
Trump’s case was filed before a judge who was nominated by Trump himself in 2020. Trump’s legal team in the lawsuit requested that an independent counsel be appointed to review documents seized by members of the FBI earlier this month. The Judiciary should not scrutinize it.

By law, US presidents are required to submit all their documents and e-mails to the National Archives, a central government agency. The FBI is investigating whether Trump illegally kept documents that were moved from the White House to his Florida home after the president left office in January 2021.
According to the FBI, they found 11 sets of classified documents at Trump’s home on August 8. Trump is facing investigation for not handling those classified documents properly. But Trump has denied any wrongdoing. He claims that those documents are not confidential.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers said in the application to the court that only a special master or an independent counsel can protect the public interest by impartially reviewing and verifying the discussions that President Trump has made during his official duties.
In a 27-page document filed in a Florida court, Trump’s legal team alleged that the search was conducted at his Florida home in an effort to prevent Trump from running for president in 2024. On the other hand, a statement from the Department of Justice said that counsel are aware of Trump’s case. Appropriate response will be given in the court

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