Mobile service & internet will not work in the whole country

Newshub18:Mobile service & internet will not work in the whole country.

xtreme financial crisis in Pakistan. Added to this is the energy crisis. There is no electricity in Pakistan. The capital Islamabad is also in darkness after 9 pm. Meanwhile came another bad news. Internet service may also be shut down. Telecom operators have already responded. They fear that the internet and mobile services will be cut off at any moment due to the power crisisLast Thursday, Pakistan’s National Information Technology Board said, “Pakistan’s telecom operators have warned of a shutdown of mobile and internet services.”

Day after day, the power crisis has severely affected mobile and internet services. In his speech, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said the power crisis could escalate in July. Load shedding may also increase. The amount of liquefied natural gas required is also not available in sufficient quantities. Even if the government of Pakistan tries, it is not enough. Therefore, the Prime Minister thinks that the situation in Pakistan may get worse.

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Incidentally, in June, Pakistan’s monthly fuel imports were the lowest. Despite strong demand for electricity, Pakistan cannot afford to buy LNG. Pakistan has taken several steps to tackle the power crisis. The office court is open four days a week. Multiple shopping malls have also been closed. Pakistan has borrowed a lot of money in the world market. So the possibility of getting new money is less. In this situation, many people are fearing that they will be cut off from communication as well as drowning in darkness

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