Mississippi dismisses abortion ban

Newshub18 :Mississippi dismisses abortion ban.

A local court in Mississippi has rejected an appeal seeking a repeal of the abortion ban. With this, the ban on almost all types of abortions will be effective in the state from tomorrow, Thursday. News from the BBC.

Last month, the state of Mississippi Supreme Court ordered a ban on abortion. The only state-run clinic for abortion was also ordered to close. The clinic had filed an application in the court seeking revocation of the ban. The court dismissed the application on Tuesday, local time.

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a constitutional right. There has been a mixed reaction to the recent move to reverse the decision. The anti-abortion party continues to rejoice. On the other hand, people who are vocal in favor of the right to abortion took to the streets to protest.

The Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Mississippi says the state’s right to liberty includes the right to abortion.
However, in a court hearing yesterday, Justice Debra Halford dismissed the arguments. “The Mississippi Constitution does not explicitly mention abortion,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Rob McDuff, a lawyer for the clinic, told a US media outlet that they were considering whether to appeal.

The United States is seeking to legislate for abortion locally. However, many of the states have faced legal challenges in taking this initiative

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