Metaverse: Your digital twin will have the power of thought, will change you in the real world

Newshub18 :Metaverse: Your digital twin will have the power of thought, will change you in the real world

Most of us have probably heard stories like this from a friend of mine who has been seen on the street with a strange resemblance to my appearance.

But if you can create your own twins, to look exactly like you, but only in the digital world – then imagine what it would be like.

We live in an age where digital copies of everything we have in the real world are being made – our cities, our cars, our homes and now even ours!

There has been a lot of talk about metavers for a long time. It will be a three-dimensional virtual world, where one of your avatars or images will revolve. After Metavers, now in the world of technology, discussions have started on how to create human digital twins.

A digital twin is an exact copy of a real-world human, but it has a unique purpose – how to develop a real-world human or how to respond to it.

In the beginning, such digital twins would be sophisticated three-dimensional images created by real human computers. But when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (where everything in everyday life, both indoors and outdoors, is connected to the Internet), things get to a different level. Then with digital technology you can create twins that will learn from the real man all the time and then that education will be used to improve the real man.

Technology analyst Rob Enderley predicts that before the end of this decade, we will have a digital version of people who can think.
But before inventing these, we have to think a lot, we have to think about ethical issues. Because when our digital twins acquire the ability to think, it will be of great use to our employers, “he said.

“If your company makes a digital twin of yours and says, ‘Look, we’ve got a digital copy of you that we don’t have to pay for, why should we keep you?’

Mr. Anderley said the most important question in the age of metavers would be who owns such digital twins.

Our journey towards creating human digital twins has already begun, as mentioned earlier in the Avatar.

But these are still in a very primitive state.

For example, on Horizon Worlds, the virtual reality platform of Meta (formerly Facebook), you might be able to make your avatar look like your own, but you can’t give it a go, because the technology is still in its infancy.

Sandra Walker, a professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford, says she can understand where the attraction lies in creating human digital twins.

It is reminiscent of the thrills of science fiction. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

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Professor Sandra Walker says the debate over who will be in life, who will be a successful lawyer after reading the law, or who will be a criminal, or who will suffer from illness – will depend on what they do. Whatever happens to a person in life, whether it is due to his innate nature or to develop him in that way – the debate is still there.

“It will still depend on luck or misfortune, friends, family, their socio-economic background and environment, and of course their personal likes and dislikes,” he says.

Professor Walter says that artificial intelligence, or AI, is not yet very successful in predicting such a single social issue, because it is inherently complex

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