Messi’s night of magical goals and passes also belongs to Neymar

Newshub18 :Messi’s night of magical goals and passes also belongs to Neymar.The tweet was made from the Clermont Twitter account, ’87—Messi’s incredible goal! Paredes’ pass took control and scored. That’s enough to get the whole stadium standing up. That too for someone who is still one of the best players in the world. The slogan is Messi! Messi!

Ligue 1 – Not a familiar competition for Clermont. In their 111-year history, the club reached the top league of France for the first time last season. Last night was the first time in the league this season. The opponent is last season’s champion PSG.
Naturally, the Clermont fans will be in the gallery cheering for a good performance against the champions. But Messi took away all the noise yesterday! Clermont fans probably went home satisfied with their 5-0 demolition at home to PSG. Such an eye-catching game, such a goal that is not seen every day!On the other hand, PSG saw the same performance from their two best stars in their first match in the league. Messi scored two goals, Neymar also got a goal. Ashraf Hakimi and Marquinhos also made the Brazilian star a goal. But the best moment of the match did not come from Neymar’s six.

In the 87th minute, PSG’s Argentinian defensive midfielder Leandro Paredes made a pass floating in the air in the Clermont box from the middle of the field. Realizing that the ball will fall in front, Messi went forward between the two defenders of Clermont.
He received the chest with his chest as if the ball was his forced slave! Clermont’s goal post at the back, Messi standing opposite him and the ball at chest height—as the ‘greats’ are, making the impossible possible with genius, Messi did just that. Bicycle kick and goal!


If football fans are satisfied with this goal, it will definitely make one jealous. Kylian Mbappe. The PSG star could not play the match due to injury. If he was on the field, he might have contributed to PSG’s goal celebration, who knows, he might have scored a bicycle kick! In fact, any footballer in the world would like to score such a goal at least once in his life.

So that pass? That is nothing less than that goal. Instead, the brilliance of talent is more visible. There is also a debate. Did Messi give such a pass on purpose? Did Messi realize that Neymar is right behind? All such questions are raised on social media.
9 minutes of the match. Messi stepped forward into the Clermont box to meet Pablo Sarabia’s cross from the left. The defender of the opposing team behind him and Neymar behind him, the Brazilian star moved a little to the right. Sarabia’s cross was not earth-biting. The ball came up a little. What Messi did was tap the ball under the ball with his foot.

Well, the ball fell at Neymar’s feet with everyone’s jaws hanging like a compulsory student. The Brazilian star did not make a mistake in scoring. But some may complain, this goal should not be Neymar’s, but Messi’s!
A friend, then a teammate – maybe Neymar scored a goal with Messi in the 80th minute as an acknowledgment of such a pass. Hakimi’s goal in the 26th minute from a lightning attack. And in the 38th minute, Neymar’s free kick was headed by Marquinios.

This is Christophe Gaultier’s first match in the league as PSG coach. Galtier fielded Vitinha, Hugo Ekiteke and Nardi Mukiele, who joined the club at Parc des Princes before the start of the season. Galtier also gave 16 years 4 months 29 days old midfielder Warren Zaire-Emery a chance to make his debut.

Warren Zaire-Emerick is now the youngest player to appear for PSG in a competitive match. Galtier naturally expressed satisfaction after the victory, “The first reason for satisfaction is victory.” It was also important to score five goals, no chances were missed and everyone played high quality football.’
The Clermont fans felt the quality of Messi-Neymar’s game the best. The opportunity to return home with joy from the opponent’s game that does not come every day

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