Messi was unmoved before the final against Brazil

Newshubcoach.Messi was unmoved before the final against Brazil

The year of Argentina’s Copa America victory is coming to an end. The La Finalisima win, the intercontinental championship against Euro-winning Italy, is now 10 days old. But the excitement of the Argentines with these two titles does not seem to be ending. Hearing so much talk about the previous World Cup title, Argentina’s rivals may feel like Neymar, did Argentina win the World Cup?

Whatever others may think, Argentina is still celebrating. Listening to midfielder Rodrigo Di Paul on Argentine TV Telefe, it may seem like that again. The Paul talks about what happened before the Copa America final against Brazil, what Messi did … As well as his relationship with Messi, the Argentine midfielder playing at Atletico Madrid has described in detail how the Argentine team obeys their coach Lionel Scaloni.

The Paul is one of the key players in Argentina’s path to success in everything from the Copa America to the World Cup qualifiers and La Finalisima. Lo Celso in the middle, his partnership with Leandro Paredes is quite close.

His coordination with Messi can be seen on the field, just as he can be seen around Messi on social media. Just as he has no pair to keep the opponent under pressure, he also knows how to build the game. Anhel Di Maria scored Argentina’s only goal in the Copa America final against Brazil. However, The Paul scored the goal with a great pass from the midfield.

Add to that Paul’s leader-like demeanor in words and demeanor. All in all, the 26-year-old midfielder has quickly become a favorite of the Argentines. At the moment there is no busyness in club football, Argentina also has no match at the moment. During the holidays, he gave an interview to the TV channel Telefe in Argentina. There have been natural questions about Messi.

Speaking to the captain, The Paul referred to the Copa Am ফrica final: “On the day of the final against Brazil, I saw Messi drinking Mate (South American hot drink), and it seemed as if nothing had happened.

I couldn’t believe it. For him, that day was “all or nothing” and he was always the way he was. Seeing him that day, it seemed, “There is no chance of anything happening in the middle today. If it is good, you will become like God, if it is bad, you will have to endure the pain of hell. ” He had a great time in Copa America. ‘

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Explaining his personal relationship with Messi, The Paul also explained, “Everything was easy with Leo from the first moment. (As a player) already felt good, still feels. I like it more as a human being now. He also mentioned the names of the three players who were the first to wake up in the Argentina squad. We get up first. ‘

Not only Messi, but also Lionel Scaloni is now being praised in Argentina. Why not! After the nightmares of the 2018 World Cup, the young talents have been given a chance in the team, with Messi-Di Maria, Argentina has made the team stronger by managing the rotation in the team.

Scaloni’s Argentina are unbeaten in 33 consecutive matches, having won the Copa America and the Finalisima.

So much would not have been possible if Messi-de Paul had not earned Scaloni so much respect. “If Scaloni comes in at 10am and says ‘Good night’ to us, then it’s night for us,” said Paul, referring to how much respect Argentina has for the coach

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