Messi is taking a holiday with a rent of Tk 3 crore a week

Newshub18 :Messi is taking a holiday with a rent of Tk 3 crore a week.

On or off the field — Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas are very good friends. They have left the impression of that good friendship this summer as well. The two friends went on a trip to the Spanish island of Ibiza at the same time. They are accompanied by their families.

Not only going for a walk together, the two of them have moved to the same villa with their families. They attended the wedding of Jordi Alba and Romari Ventura in Sevilla. After completing the formalities there, Messi and Fabregas left for Ibiza with their families.

The former two-star Barcelona star has moved to Villa de Sa Ferradura in Ibiza. There are all kinds of facilities for summer vacation. Why or why not, the weekly rent of this villa is like raising an eyebrow. To stay there for a week, the couple will have to pay only 3 lakh Euros. In Bangladeshi currency, which is about 2 crore 93 lakh 46 thousand rupees!
What is there in the villa of Ibiza that Messi-Fabregas has to pay so much money for the week! Built in the seventies, Villa de Sa Ferradura has six rooms. In addition to a gymnasium, there is a swimming pool of 20 meters in length. The picture on the villa’s website says that it is surrounded on three sides by the sea. From the villa can be

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enjoyed the extraordinary view of the vast sea!
There are state-of-the-art yachts for better view of the sea. Eight guests can travel at sea together on those 25-meter yachts. The yacht has four cabins, one of which is VIP again. Of course, you have to spend a lot of money to get around that yacht with many more benefits. Yacht rent for 10 thousand euros per day!
Of course, what is this for Messi !

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