McDonald’s new name in Russia

Newshub18:McDonald’s new name in Russia.

Sunday is going to be the beginning of a new chapter for fast food lovers in Russia. On this day, the US fast food chain McDonald’s will start new activities in Russia under a new name and ownership. McDonald’s has left Russia permanently after three decades of business.

Their restaurant is being launched in Russia with a new identity. Today is Russia Day, according to Reuters. The Russians will celebrate the country’s independence. McDonald’s new journey will start today. A new McDonald’s restaurant will be opened in Moscow’s Pushkin Square.

McDonald’s first began operations in Pushkin Square in January 1990. McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Moscow when the then-Soviet Union offered business opportunities for Western brands. Later they gradually expanded their business throughout Russia.

But after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, McDonald’s took the initiative to wrap up business in the country. Following this, McDonald’s temporarily closed 650 restaurants in the country in March. Then in May the restaurants were closed permanently.

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After starting business in Russia with the message of easing the Cold War tensions during the collapse of the Soviet Union, McDonald’s became the holder of American food and culture for the Russians. The great example of Russia and the Western world turning their backs on each other again is McDonald’s leaving Russia.


Last month, McDonald’s announced that it had decided to leave Russia permanently because of the “humanitarian crisis” and the “unexpected business environment” caused by the Ukraine war. Alexander Gover, a local licensee, sells Russian restaurants.
At the same time the ‘de-arking’ process for restaurants began. Because of this, new restaurant owners will not be able to use McDonald’s names, branding, logos and menus.

However, neither side was sure how much money Alexander Govard had to spend to buy McDonald’s restaurants. Many are said to have wanted to take over the firm.
Although a new logo has been unveiled to start a new business, the new name has been kept secret. Last Friday, when the name of the McDonald’s app was changed to ‘My Burger’ in Russia, there was an online response. Authorities later said the new name was temporary

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