Son ofMalda Sagar’s contribution is behind the success of ‘Pushpa’ movie! The Bengali boy will move to Hollywood this tim

(Newshub18):West Bengal is a very small state in terms of the whole country. But the talents of these Bengali boys and girls are captivated all over the world. Sing songs, play games, or movies where Bengalis have not left their mark on talent?

Beyond Bollywood, Tollywood, emigration, Bengalis are the best. But many people may not know that behind the success of one of the recent super hit movie ‘Pushpa’ is also a Bengali boy’s achievement. Incidentally, all the songs of Allu Arjun’s movie ‘Pushpa’ are very popular. Just the song or I am saying why the songs, dialogues, scenes, walking style of the hero of this movie of Allu Arjun are all trending on social media now. Needless to say, this picture of Allu Arjun has been circulating all over the country for a long time.

The movie directed by Sukumar has been setting one record after another since its release on December 16 at the end of last year. ‘Pushpa: The Rise Part One’ was released in 5 languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. Not only in South India but in the whole country this picture is going on in full swingAt this moment, the viewers are counting the days waiting for the second part of Pushpar

Maldar’s son Sagar Paswan, his handmade flower special video effect. This 23-year-old boy has done Pushpa film work while sitting in Maldar Sunny Park. Not only Puspai but Bangaraju, he has made special video effects for pictures like Ghani. Not only Southern films, but also Bollywood films like HeroPanti 2 and Sharmaji Namkin have magic on their fingers. He studied Mass Communication from Old Maldar Gaur College.

Somehow there is a place for the head and from there his talent comes out. His inclination towards animation is from his childhood. After seeing the work of Bahubali’s great VFX, he decided to make a movie. YouTube, a senior called Babai Da, later learned to work from the Arena Animation Institute in Malda. This time Sagar is getting call from Hollywood due to his skill.

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