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Newshub18 :Make your own website.What type of website, how to design

There are various types of websites including e-commerce, e-learning, news portals, social media, image sharing mediums as well as personal and institutional websites. The design of the website also differs according to the type. For example, e-commerce means that popular products are shown first on online shopping websites. You have to register on some websites to buy products. Again the latest news is presented in front of the reader on the news portal. In this case, the reader can easily read the news even without registering. Again, the institutional website provides information about the organization—such as what the organization is about, what its goals and objectives are, what products or services it offers, who is managing it, how to contact them, etc.
The personal website mainly includes the person’s identity, social media links, his/her work profile, photo albums, videos, skills information in various subjects, experience and qualifications, contact address or phone number along with resume.

What are the technical things to know

Creating a website on your own does not require much technical knowledge. But for creating e-commerce, e-learning, news portals, social media sites must have good technical knowledge and skills.The first thing you need to know to create a website is Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. The app or software we use to view websites is called a web browser. Popular browsers are Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari. Browsers basically recognize HTML. A free and easy website to learn HTML is ( Apart from learning, various activities can also be done here.

HTML requires CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML can be designed through CSS. That is, the text color, size, font, image size, whether it will be round or not, similarly the background color of different blocks, how will the layout be; animation of various elements; How it will look on mobile – all this can be designed with CSS. This too can be easily learned from As a result, it is possible to create a website with only HTML and CSS.If it seems that the website needs to be a little dynamic, then the help of programming language (language) should be taken. And the most widely used programming language for browsers is JavaScript. With it, complex tasks can be done easily.

The three programming languages ​​we talked about are client-side languages ​​(client-side languages). Servers also have different languages ​​to work with. PHP is the most popular server side language. Apart from this there is Python, Java, C#, Node.js. All the big e-commerce, e-learning, news portals, social media in the world, all those server side languages ​​are used in the background (backend) of everything.A separate software is also required for information management on the website and that is Database Management System or DBMS. There are some DBMS, which manage data in table form, called RDS. Popular RDSs are SQL Server, MySQL. There are also some DBMS, which are managed in key-value form, called Nociquel. Like MongoDB, Firebase.

How to buy domain and hosting

Simply put or – these names are the domain of the website. And the place where the website is kept is called hosting. First you need to buy a domain name. A domain name is like a passport number, which cannot be matched by anyone else. Therefore, you should first check if someone else is using the domain name you want. There are various websites to buy domains. Like,,, You can also do website hosting. However, for domain hosting from websites other than BTCL, credit cards with dual currency facilities must be used. If desired, hosting services can be purchased from local companies.

How to host

Since hosting is the place to keep the website, the hosting depends on the amount of space. If your website has a lot of images or videos, it will definitely require more space on the server. Again if there is a lot of user data to be stored, then the database capacity will be required. If your website is used by many people, multiple servers will be needed. A load balancer may also be required for server management. Remember, the more people visit your site (traffic), the more bandwidth your website will consume.

Financial transactions – ways to add benefits

Online transaction facility is added to many websites including e-commerce. Several organizations in Bangladesh act as payment gateways. Apart from providing income tax certificate or national identity card, there are several rules to be followed for using the payment gateway. What the user’s privacy policy is, should be properly mentioned. Financial transactions – Various institutions charge setup fees, transaction commissions or annual charges to add convenience

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